Why you should get Premarital Counseling

Premarital Counseling


You finally worked up the nerves to ask the love of your life to counseling and the next phase of your lives together is quickly approaching. Now that she said “yes!” it is time to get premarital counseling.


Premarital counseling will help you two to get ready for your new life together. Topics that are normally brought up include:


  • Children
  • Debt that one or both of you have acquired
  • How to handle conflict
  • What both of you expects in the marriage
  • And much more


You probably think that you know all about the topics listed, but the truth is there should be a professional to mediate these discussions. Premarital counseling is crucial so that the both of you can learn how to respond properly to anything discussed that might surprise you.


Contact us at Morgan Hill Counseling to set up you first premarital counseling session. We will guide you two through your premarital counseling topics.


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Imago Therapy (Couples)

Have you gone for couple’s therapy only to leave your first session feeling angrier with your mate than ever?

In the movies you often see Marriage counseling provided by an “expert” who hears each partner, decides what they should each do, and offers their advice. The trouble is that most of us have developed very good defenses against accepting advice, especially if it looks like maybe we are in the wrong, and are being told to do things right. That’s why those movie scenes are often comic, and when we watch part of the humor is recognizing that it won’t work.

Imago couples therapy takes a radically different approach. We don’t work to “fix” you, we invite you to join with us in working on the relationship as a whole. In Imago, nobody is right or wrong. The challenge is to learn how to talk together about things which really matter, in a way that feels safe, supportive and positive.

That puts you in the driver’s seat! You and your partner learn to work on the relationship yourselves, and you become the experts on your own relationship by learning to find out what is really going on for your partner, and understanding how things in the present have a deep emotional connection to their past. From Trust Imago To Restore Your Connection

Imago therapists provide a safe place for couples who want to re-vitalize their relationship. This becomes clear in the first session; in fact, couples are generally very impressed with the Imago process so much so that they refer their friends.

Imago theory and therapy, developed by Harville Hendrix, focuses on committed relationships. The principal intervention in Imago work is the Imago Dialogue, which builds on Nonviolent Communication techniques developed by internationally known Marshall Rosenberg. The Imago Dialogue helps people move from disconnection to connection, from stress to safety, from animosity to passion and “From conflict to hope:”

At some point in their relationship, couples often find themselves struggling with anger and shock, despair and sadness. Some are newlyweds, and can’t understand how they have plummeted from the heights of love and glory into a swamp of hopelessness and conflict. Others have been married for many years, and though they have been slogging along – in calm or storm – their days of wine and roses are a dim memory. Even if life at home is relatively peaceful, couples lament that they have “nothing in common anymore.” And so they lead a disappointed or angry co-existence, each with their own friends and interests, in a marriage of convenience, or an arrangement they endure “for the sake of the children.”

Shattered dreams, whatever form they take, are painful. But there is hope. In fact, the pain and conflict of committed relationships arise not out of lack of love for our partners, but from a misunderstanding of what love relationships are about. Your conflict can be the very fuel for the fulfillment you seek. An Introduction To Imago.

Imago work is also for individuals not currently in a relationship, who “are tired of making the same mistakes over and over again and want to learn the secret to finding and keeping lasting love. … Often we are tempted to think the problem is ‘finding the right person.’ But this … is all about ‘becoming the right person.’” Imago also helps parents with children; one of my instructors, Dr. Francine Beauvior, wrote the book, Raising Cooperative and Self-Confident Children, which is available on Amazon. Please feel free to call me to learn more about this exciting, effective and meaningful process.

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Therapy Services at Morgan Hill

I find it useful to draw on different therapy models and teachings to best tailor my work with you to fit your needs. In the near future I plan to offer equine facilitated psychotherapy to clients who benefit from this type of intervention.

When working with two or more people, my approach as a therapist and facilitator is that there is no right person and no wrong person in either conflicts of need or conflicts of value. When we slow things down and use listening skills to track, validate and express empathy for the other, a shift of understanding occurs, which can trigger growth and healing.

In our work I will help you build a conscious, mindful relationship. I am on the path towards Certification as an Imago Therapist and meet regularly with Dr. Bruce Crapuchettes and Dr. Francine Beauvoir of the Pasadena Institute for Relationships who instructed me and critique my work.

MY PURPOSE: to provide you with a safe space to work on your goals, in a manner that serves your best interests as you define them. I work to facilitate you to find your way; I will never offer advice or tell you what I think is best for you, but rather will support and encourage you to find what is alive in you. I will help you find your voice. Regardless of your situation and problem, I believe there is always a way to make positive change.

MY METHOD: I provide 60 and 90 minute sessions to individuals, and a minimum of 90 minute sessions to couples. I work on a sliding scale, and will discuss fees with you prior to our first session. (Please see my fees page). As an elder with a background rich in experience, I work well with people of diverse ages, backgrounds and cultures. I offer afternoon and evening appointments. I believe in a family systems approach and draw on Cognitive Behavioral interventions as well as Narrative theory and interventions.

For individuals, I provide help, encouragement and support with many issues, including but not limited to:

  • Trauma and abuse issues, PTSD
  • Depression, Anxiety and Low Self-Esteem
  • Making goals and striving to achieve them
  • Communication Skills to Improve Your Relationships
  • Grief

For those whose relationships trouble them (couples, families, parents/children, and individuals), I provide interventions that help facilitate positive change in dealing with

  • Relationship issues between spouses/partners, conflict between parents and children.
  • Parenting issues.
  • Dysfunctional family dynamics
  • Challenging Life Transitions including Career Changes, Trauma

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Yo vivo en Morgan Hill. ¿Necesito asesoramiento o terapia?

South San Jose Counseling

¿Necesito asesoramiento? Yo vivo en Morgan Hill – el clima es muy bueno, la ciudad es una maravilla – todo en la vida va bien. ¿Cuáles son los signos que puedan necesitar ver a un consejero de Morgan Hill?

¿Alguna vez se detuvo y pensó: “¿Tengo que ver a un consejero?” Hay un millones de personas que tienen la creencia de que sólo se necesita ver a un consejero o terapeuta durante una crisis de la vida: una muerte en la familia, la mala suerte -up con un ser querido, un cambio de vida importante, la pérdida del empleo, y la lista podría continuar. Y a pesar de asesoramiento y terapia ayuda enormemente en esas situaciones, el asesoramiento y la terapia puede beneficiar en cualquier situación.

Estas son algunas de las cuestiones que debe considerar si usted está pensando en el asesoramiento en Morgan Hill:

¿Se siente atrapado?
¿Te sientes como si estuvieras en un bache y parece que no puede salir?
¿No disfrutar de la vida como solía hacerlo?
¿Está comiendo bien?
¿Estás durmiendo? ¿Usted consigue una buena noche de descanso?
¿Está constantemente preocupado? La lucha con la ansiedad? Luchando con su peso?
¿Tiene problemas que surgen cuando se está estresado? ¿Usted lucha con ira?

Incluso más:
¿Está cambiando de carrera y necesitan alguna orientación?
¿Está usted en una gran transición?
¿Es la vida en una posición todavía?

Si usted está en un bache, o están en una relación insatisfactoria, el asesoramiento en Morgan Hill te ofrece un lugar seguro para expresarse. Lamentablemente, muchas personas buscan el asesoramiento como un último recurso. Ellos piensan que la búsqueda de un consejero es un signo de debilidad o de darse por vencido.

Pero, en realidad, en busca de un consejero en Morgan Hill es una de las cosas más fuertes que usted puede hacer. Buscando un consejero se está moviendo rápidamente hacia un objetivo – el objetivo de un mejor usted. Buscando un consejero significa que no se dan por vencidos en la vida – usted está buscando lo mejor.

Lo que es más fuerte que la que?

¿Y si la vida no se está cayendo a pedazos? ¿Puedo seguir beneficiándose de ver a un consejero?

Usted no tiene que estar en el extremo de la cuerda a buscar asesoría de Morgan Hill. Incluso si usted está subiendo con éxito, un consejero puede ver cosas que nunca podía ver. Piénsalo de esta manera: Usted puede ser fuerte, pero su punto débil es la que usted no puede ver – y todos tenemos un lado que no podemos ver (tratado de mirar a su espalda últimamente?). Aquí es donde un consejero en Morgan Hill usted puede ayudar a empujar más allá.

Interesado en programar una cita para asesoramiento o terapia en Morgan Hill? O tal vez sólo algunas preguntas? Nos encantaría saber de usted.

Llámenos al 408-469-4995. El hotel está convenientemente situado en Morgan Hill, CA (cerca de 12 millas al sur de San José).

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I live in Morgan Hill. Do I need counseling or therapy?

Do I need counseling? I live in Morgan Hill – the weather is great, the town is lovely – everything in life is going okay. What are the signs that I may need to see a Morgan Hill Counselor?

Have you ever stopped and thought, “Do I need to see a counselor?” There a millions of people that have the belief that you only need to see a counselor or therapist during a life crisis: a death in the family, a bad break-up with a loved one, a serious life change, a job loss, and the list could continue. And although counseling and therapy helps tremendously in those situations, counseling and therapy can benefit in any situation.

Here are some issues you should consider if you are thinking about counseling in Morgan Hill:

Do you feel stuck?
Do you feel like you are in a rut and can’t seem to get out?
Do you not enjoy life as you used to?
Are you eating well?
Are you sleeping? Do you get a good nights rest?
Are you constantly worrying? Struggling with anxiety? Struggling with your weight?
Do you have issues that come up when you are stressed? Do you struggle with anger?

Even More:
Are you changing careers and need some guidance?
Are you in a big transition?
Is life at a stand still?

Whether you are in a rut, or are in an unfulfilling relationship, counseling at Morgan Hill gives you a safe place to express yourself. Sadly, many people seek counseling as a last resort. They think seeking a counselor is a sign of weakness or giving up.

But in reality, seeking a counselor in Morgan Hill is one of the strongest things that you can do. Seeking a counselor is quickly moving towards a goal – a goal to a better you. Seeking a counselor means you are not giving up on life – you are seeking the best.

What is stronger that that?

What if life isn’t falling apart? Can I still benefit from seeing a counselor?

You don’t have to be at the end of your rope to seek counseling at Morgan Hill. Even if you are climbing successfully, a counselor can see things that you could never see. Think of it this way: You may be strong, but your weakest side is the one you cannot see – and we all have a side we cannot see (tried staring at your back lately?). This is where a counselor at Morgan Hill can help push you further.

Interested in scheduling an appointment for counseling or therapy in Morgan Hill? Or maybe you just have some questions for us? We’d love to hear from you.

Call us at 408-469-4995. We are conveniently located in Morgan Hill, CA (about 12 miles south of San Jose).

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Parenting Skills

Morgan Hill Relationship Counseling specializes in relationship counseling that helps parents learn skills for raising self-responsible, self-confident children.

Every relationship has its rough patches — even parenting relationships. There are times in family relationships where you do not know what to do, or where parents and children cannot seem to communicate well. Maybe there is a lack of understanding on one side or maybe on both sides – or maybe there is no problem and you just want to take your relationships deeper.

Parenting Counseling is a great way to work through many issues that you might be facing as a family. Parenting Counseling at Morgan Hill is for a parent, parents, or guardians who are looking for guidance in creating good communication that leads to positive parenting.

In parenting counseling, you as the parent learn how to communication in the relationship. You learn how things of the past affect the present issues, and you even learn how to deal with those issues in the past.

Morgan Hill Parenting Counseling has worked for many families and has produced an impressive success rate.

Contact Morgan Hill Parenting Counseling at 408-469-4995 today. It is the start to deepening your relationship and saying goodbye to rough patches.

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Goal Counseling

Do you see an area of your life you really don’t know how to fix? Something you’ve tried to improve, with no success? Morgan Hill Counseling can help you reach your goals. We want to help you reach your most important goals and overcome your most difficult challenges.

Are you in a place in your life you never thought you’d be? Are you confused about which direction to take in a certain situation? Maybe you’ve gone through a divorce or lost a job that you thought you’d have for the rest of your working life. No matter what your personal situation, while it might be hard to believe, others have experienced the same feelings you are having now. For some people, the pain and the confusion pass with time. For others, they may need a little guidance and help along the way.

At Morgan Hill, we don’t make vague and unrealistic promises. We help you in specific and tangible ways. We focus on goals — objectives that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.

If you live in the Morgan Hill area and you’re ready to embrace positive change and challenge, we can help you today. Give us a call and make your first appointment! Don’t settle for second best for yourself. Let our us help you reach your potential!

Whether it’s giving your career a much needed boost, losing weight, or building new relationships, goal counseling can help you reach new heights and open new doors in your life.

Contact Morgan Hill Relationship Counseling at 408-469-4995 today. It is time to start setting and reaching those goals.

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